Planning For Retirement: Frank Lampard To Write Books For Children

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England & Chelsea legend Frank Lampard seems to be planning for retirement, with the midfielder taking up a new hobby as an author of children’s books.

He is signing a deal to write a series of books, called Frankie’s Magic Football, for children aged five and over.

Publishers Little Brown say the books will follow the adventures of a school boy called Frankie, his football-loving friends, and his pet dog Max.

Lampard, who is usually included on lists of lauded top 10 educated footballers, said: “I first had the idea of Frankie and his Magic Football when reading stories to my own children. Sport and reading are two essentials for us at home, so I decided to make up my own football stories and adventures. The characters are loosely based on friends and team-mates I’ve played with over the years. I am delighted that Little Brown liked the stories as much as my children and will be publishing the Frankie’s Magic Football series.”

The first book, Frankie Versus The Pirate Pillagers, will be published in June followed by two more this year and another two in 2014.



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