Ooops! FBI Foils Attempted Bombing Of Bank Of America

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Matthew Aaron Llaneza, 28, of San Jose, California was trying to start the next “civil war” by detonating a car bomb at an Oakland Bank Of America branch. Llaneza was a Taliban sympathizer who unbeknownst to him was working hand in hand with an undercover FBI agent to his effective demise. His plan to set of a bomb near the Oakland FDIC insured location was supposed to spark a government crack down, one Llaneza felt would be fought hard by right wing America, enough so that it would cause civil unrest and possibly civil war. The bomb was fashioned by Mr. Llaneza and his undercover FBI agent counterpart, and was later rendered “inoperable” by FBI officials. The FBI didn’t want to deal with a real threat so they made sure the bomb was inactive before they allowed Mr. Llaneza to legally hang himself.

The FBI swooped in right as Mr. Llaneza was set to detonate the fake bomb with what he thought was a cell phone detonator. He faces life imprisonment for attempted use of a weapon of Mass Destruction.


Segun Adekoye

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