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I dim the lights and open the curtains to see the beautiful landscape. Left the center lights a little bright to see clearly, then I started to work. I stare at the view to inspire my soul. To them it’s just an artwork but to me it’s a representation of me – I must open my mind and concentrate. Before picking my brush, I straighten my fingers; I can’t afford any mistakes. I carefully pick my brush and dip it in paint, then express my love to the canvas. Like a child I smiled as the canvas reciprocated my love. She froze in joy! Still her smile told me to go on.

“This has to be perfect!” Was all I could think of.

In the midst of zeal, the colors fought for superiority on my landscape of beauty. Right there I wondered about how I could bring my vision to reality but the colors were at war – lacking prosperity. How then do I save my canvas from becoming a calamity?

Alas! In my brush, I trust. Calmly, I must not rush. There is need to revive my inner passion to save my creation. She looks a bit sad as her perfection stumbles. I drop my brush to listen to her voice, breathing softly as I stare into her eyes. I’m enticed by her charm, like Alice, I’m lost in her in realm. Now I know, her will my hands.

You may think I’m crazy but kicking the bucket for her is nothing. My colleagues fear I have made her a religion – Apparently they misunderstood my intention. To them it is just a work of art but to me, it is a representation of me. I try to blend the colors to show her hidden beauty. As the sweat drops, I increase my concentration.

The clock is ticking. 
The night is fading.
My painting is waking. 

Now I can smile because she is complete. I have to give the lights the first view, as she stood like an angel under the sun in my painting room. she smiles at me with a naughty expression I cannot explain. With trembling hands, I put her in a frame and place her where every eye can see. Like a spoiled child I looked at her as she glittered in the light.

Gracefully I took a bow, in my head the crowd was cheering and screaming. Like gold and silver she captures all eyes, consuming all attention and tempting greedy hands. To the world I unveil the painting of my nation. To them, it is just an art work but to me it is a representation of me.



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