Michelle Willams Ignores Keyshia Cole; Thanks Beyonce For Superbowl Experience

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Michelle Williams issued a classy response today to the critics of her performance during the Superbowl halftime show.

As we previously reported, Keyshia Cole took to Twitter to blast Michelle Williams for “f**kin up the groove” of the Destiny’s Child reunion performance. And yeah, she may have been slightly stiff since it’s been a while since she’s danced it out on stage. But today, she posted to her Facebook page the above post-performance pic with her “sisters” Beyonce & Kelly, and urged ladies to “stick together & support each other.”

It was an honor to share the stage with my sisters Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé on Sunday night. To all my ladies, we must learn to stick together and support each other. The incredible Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job too! Thank you to my sister Beyonce for sharing your moment with Destiny’s Child. Love you!


Doubt Keyshia Cole will respond…or even care. But on the upside of things: Record sales for Destiny’s Child shot up by 600% right after Sunday’s on-stage reunion.

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