Kristen Stewart Reportedly Dumping Robert Pattinson For Neglecting Her

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While Rob has been shooting ‘The Rover’ in Australia, Kristen reportedly feels like Rob isn’t ‘committed’ to their relationship anymore.

A new report on claims that Kristen feels like things between her and Rob are just “not working out.”

The shocking report claims that Kristen feels like Rob is not in the relationship for the long haul and that he’s ignoring her while filming The Rover in Australia.

“The truth is, it’s really over between them,” the source says. “No matter how hard they try to fix it.”

But the insider adds that the main problem is that Rob is unable to move past the fact that Kristen cheating on him with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

“Rob’s tried so hard to forgive,” the source says. “But it seems he just can’t forget what Kristen did to him and how she publicly shamed him. When he flew to Australia to start work on The Rover their relationship was pretty much in the air. I think the only reason they got back together in the first place was because all they really know is each other.”

“But now, Rob seems to be having second thoughts and wondering if it’s all really worth it — and Kristen totally gets that,” the source adds. “She was initially annoyed that he wasn’t giving it his all, but she realizes that it’s difficult for him to get over her cheating.” goes on to say: “Kristen thinks the only thing she can do is just give it up as it’s not working. She’s now planning the best way to implicate the breakup.”

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