Koye’s Musings: When I heard Goldie Harvey died

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I got a call from a friend, a very popular blogger. She asked me to guess what? She said someone I know died. A popular person in the Nigerian music industry, feminine to be precise. My heart raced as my mind flipped through the images of people I saw last night at the Flower Girl movie premiere. I remember seeing Tiwa Savage… God forbid I thought. I couldn’t think of losing any celeb. They are just fabulous people. “Who” I asked. She said “Goldie” and I was like “Oh my God!”. Can’t be! Goldie of Big Brother Africa? She said “yes! Goldie, Prezzo’s friend”. I said “Goldie of the reality show with Denrele” and she had replied “Goldie, Denrele’s best friend?”

“How can this be? I mean I saw Goldie pose at the Grammys 2013”

She said, over the telephone “Twitter is agog with the news. This is a sad day indeed”

As the line hung up, I shook my  head in disbelief. “Goldie?” Of all days to pick to be with the Lord, it was on Valentine’s day.

How? Why? When? I asked myself questions I couldn’t answer. Not Goldie. Goldie is just too full of life. I mean, I like her personality. I remember pairing her with Denrele in my “What celebrity babies will look like article” and people were laughing all over nairaland and naijaPOSE. Goldie was full of love. I mean I found it hard to forget the words “Prezzo, I live my life for you in this house”

I went on Google, typing “Is Goldie Harvey dead?” “Goldie Harvey is dead”   and all sorts of combination only to confirm my fears.

The news broke me. What even pained me more was the aftermath. How sad would Denrele be feeling now. He loved her like his sister. What about her immediate family? Her distant friends Prezzo and Big Brother Africa crew.

I remember an article I read about a meteor passing by the earth tomorrow on February 15, 2013. The scientists have said that it will not hit the earth but will pass close enough for people to see it. If it did hit the earth, maybe say God vex and it struck an entire continent out of the globe… Well those are thoughts I don’t want to imagine.

Brings us back to the fact that life is fickle, fragile, nothing but a wisp of smoke that appears and disappears. Live your life purposefully. Goldie leaves but lives on in our hearts and forever will in the sands of time. She was unique, bold, as different… as Gold.

Rest in peace in the place where the treasures have gone.

Segun Adekoye

Segun Adekoye

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