How Soon Should You Rebound?

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Three weeks after you broke up with your spouse, you meet this awesome, funny and not bad looking person and you decide to move on and maybe start something. Now, the question is, it is just three weeks, is it maybe too soon to move on? Your friends and loved ones are telling you it just might be and you are not exactly sure of your feelings at the moment, so what then is it?

We’ve seen celebrities move on pretty fast after a well-publicized relationship and as much as we do not have lots of those here in Nigeria, it is a norm in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez 43, started dating her dancer Casper, 25, shortly after the end of her marriage with ex-husband Marc Anthony and just recently, the relationship has been reported to be ailing by

Brad Pitt hooked up with Angelina Jolie just shortly after his marriage with Jennifer Aniston ended and years later, he is still with Jolie, both of them raising a football team together. We have seen some of them move on fast and had the relationship crashing like a pack of cards and we have also seen some growing stronger. So it brings us to the question, when exactly is the right time.

This answer just might help. When you are in love with someone, you do not want your relationship to end, you give it your all and protect it with everything you have but sometimes things do not go as we plan. Relationships sometimes end. Now whether you are the “dumper” or the “dumpee” the fact that you have put your feelings and energy into the relationship means it would hurt, if not a lot, at least a bit.

If it does hurt, you would need a little time or in some cases, more than a little time to get over that relationship which brings us to this, maybe you should just stay alone for a while. Feelings don’t just disappear overnight, especially since they weren’t developed overnight, so how about you spread your wings, exhale and live life alone for a while? Yes rebound might help but it also gets messy sometimes, so stay off it and enjoy life.

And if just shortly after your relationship, you are sure this new person is the one, then still breathe. Yes, enjoy your “me time”, hang out with friends, be among your family and loved ones and love life. If the person is the one, then the person won’t disappear until you are fit enough to be with them. I mean, who wants to be with someone who is carrying baggage from his/her previous relationship anyway?

So breathe and remove every emotional baggage you might still be carrying from your previous relationship so that when you move on, it would be fresh and new.



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