His Banana Is Too Big? This Is What You Should Do

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Your man is best defined as Mr Endowed because he’s got it big down there. You know, when you both are ready to do business, the not so little man down there grabs your attention. That’s a good thing right? I mean he’s got it big and not tiny like you’d hate. But sometimes you get a bit worried that he might hurt you.

How about you pay more attention to foreplay? Study has shown that a woman’s Vee can take in the penis with less trouble when she’s more “warmed up”. Warming up most times is always made possible by foreplay, during this time, the body responds to touch and kisses and the Vee becomes ready. Have the foreplay work well and then gently take in the little man.

Do not also forget the importance of Lubes. They play vital roles in helping you take in what your man is offering. Use the lube generously on the vee and then gently take in your man, it makes it a whole lot easier, it just slides in and does the job.

Get on top. When you are on top, you can control how much you take, in other words,  that way you can decide how deep you want him to go. This can enable you both enjoy the sex and stop him from any hurt his penis might cause you.

…Or doggie. Just in case getting on top is getting a bit boring, letting him come in from behind is also amazing and you can also control that way. For your doggie though, lie down instead of getting on your knees to control how much of his penis is coming inside your Vee.

Missionary is also still possible but this time, put your legs on the inside of his, it controls penetration and it feels good on your clitoris.

Doing it side by side is also a great way of controlling, he doesn’t let everything in that way, so you can decide how much you want inside and how you want it.

After all, the endowment is a blessing, so finding out how to enjoy it without pain should be rewarding.



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