Her Presence Dey Cure AIDS?: Kim Kardashian Paid $500,000 For 45 Seconds On Stage

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According to reports, reality star Kim Kardashian was reportedly paid the whooping sum of $500,000 for making an appearance at Darey’s Love Like A Movie valentine concert.

Kim stayed at the event for 45minutes although her appearance on stage lasted only 45seconds, with the reality TV Star making a rather short statement, saying “Hey Naija” and that was it.

Nigeria was her 2nd stop in Africa in recent times, with the reality star having made money-oriented trips to the Middle-East and Cote D’Ivoire recently.

Her short visit in Nigeria sparked negative comments from most Nigerians, even Charles Novia felt Kim’s invitation to Nigeria was of no use…also Ghana-based site commented too saying “My questions is: what is wrong with us Africans? When did Kim Kardashian become so good at hosting that she has to be paid thousands of dollars and be brought to Nigeria to handle a concert?”

But then again, it’s not our money. 🙂




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