Get Familiar: L-J | Imaobong Ft Sugarboy A1 (Prod. by Rundatrax)

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L-J a.k.a “Lyrical Juggernut” a.k.a “Andinyanga Rap” a.k.a “Saaaviour” a.k.a “Mr. Ma Dog” a.k.a “Mr. I Get Mouth” is back again with “IMAOBONG” ft. “Swaggaman Dope” SUGARBOY A1 (produced by RUNDATRAX). He’s dropped 3 Singles so far off his “Saviour of Rap” Album (MA DOG ft. Eyo,OGAJU ft. Vola & I GET MOUTH ft. Tha Suspect), L-J plans to wow his fans with some Videos & more good Music!!
PS:#IMAOBONG is a Typical name for  Calabar/Akwa-Ibom Girl..It means “Gods Love”

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IMAOBONG – L-J ft. SUGARBOY A1 [prod. Rundatrax]



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