Frank Ocean Not Pressing Charges Against Chris Brown Following Altercation

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A source close to Chris tells exclusively that there’s no beef between Chris and Frank, following their alleged brawl with each other on Jan. 27.

Frank Ocean has decided not to press charges against Chris Brown, pertaining to a fight they were allegedly involved in with each other on Jan. 27. We’re told that Breezy appreciates and respects Frank’s decision.

A source close to Chris tells exclusively, “Chris was never worried about anything going down or having to go to jail over what was a misunderstanding. He was never worried and there’s always two sides to every story. Just because Frank stayed there and talked to police doesn’t mean anything. It’s all good.”

“It is what it is. It was a misunderstanding and Chris respects Frank and all. This was some petty s**t that was blown out of whack in the media. Everything that you think you heard didn’t even happen and Chris and Frank know that. That’s why Frank just let it go,” our source says.

Even though Chris has been spotted with a cast around his hand, the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer has been very cooperative with police, who claim there was no evidence of any form of assault.  

“It’s all gravity. Chris has no beef with anybody. Frank is cool. Everybody’s cool and in the end, it’s all about respect anyway,” our source adds.

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