Flight 606 …Part 15

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When Oyinade got into the office, she noticed the stares she was getting from people. She had naively attributed it to the skirt she was wearing that morning. It was a little tight and showed off all her months of hard work at the gym, but she still felt it was office appropriate. Now that she thought about it, she wasn’t so sure.

As she made her way to her office, she realized why. Sitting on her office desk was a gigantic mass of flowers. She counted 24 red roses in all. Tucked in the flowers was a card.

“Dinner at 7 today?”

The card wasn’t signed, but she knew who it was from. He had been sending her flowers every week at work for the past 3 weeks. This was his biggest delivery yet, and understandably so because today was Valentine’s Day. That was the only reason she was cutting him some slack because tongues had started wagging, and people were tired of her being tight lipped about who her flower sender was. Some people had gone into detective mode, and there was even a standing bet as to the identity of Mr. Flowers, as the whole office had dubbed him.

“Another delivery from Mr. Flowers?”  Jason chipped, interrupting her thoughts.

“Looks like it” Oyinade replied, trying to sound off hand, but betraying herself with the smile that crossed her lips.

“So are you going to tell me who my competition is?”

“Jason, you’ve got no competition…”

Jason had become her closest friend in the few months she had been working at Roberts & Associates, especially since New York. When Akin had begun antagonizing her, he had helped her with some of her work. So much so that Akin had just taken to growling at her instead, because he had nothing to criticize in her work. There was no pressure with their friendship, however ever since Femi started sending her flowers to the office, she had noticed that Jason had become a little withdrawn. She refused to believe that he was jealous, because Jason had never made a move on her. He had been nothing but courteous,  been the best lunch buddy. Lunch time with Jason was one of her favorite times at the office.

At lunch time, Jason suggested they try a new Vietnamese restaurant that had just opened down the block. All her protests fell on deaf ears, as Jason insisted they had enough time to eat out today. A few minutes later, they were sitting street side on a table, nursing bowls of salads.

“So, you’re seeing Mr. Flowers tonight?”

“You know what, I really don’t like it when you call him by that name”

“O well, I really don’t like it when you don’t tell me anything about him”

“I’ve told you Jason, I like to keep my love life private, I’m sorry.”

“So I guess Mr. Flowers win”

Erica on the other hand had become even colder towards her, and it seemed like every flower delivery made her even grumpier.

Anyways, Oyin cleared her desk and prepared to leave.

On getting to her house, she noticed a fedEx delivery box lying in front of her apartment. She just kicked it inside, and walked into the apartment. On second thoughts, she opened the box, thinking she had not placed an order for anything. Lying in the box was a gorgeous black gown with gold trimmings and a pearl necklace. She pulled out the dress and a note fell out.

“I’d love it if you wore this tonight”.

Wow! Oyin thought to herself, Femi was definitely outdoing himself today. Without much ado, she stepped into the shower, to begin to prepare for the night.  After a few minutes under the shower, she got out, sprayed on a light body spray and tried on the dress Femi had sent her. It fit like a glove! How he knew her size, she had no idea. She put on her makeup and slipped on some gold sandals.

She knew Femi always kept to time, so by 6:55pm, she was ready. Just in time, the doorbell sounded, but instead of Femi at the door, an unknown face greeted her at the peephole.



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  1. After waiting for so long,is this what u’ve got for us……u must make up for it o……….givin us ur story everyday till friday!

  2. hmmmmmmm……now we,ll have to wait till nxt 2months for part16..#sucks# anyways whats with d strange face?

  3. please Bunmi when are we getting the rest. its been almost a year and half and i cant find the rest of the story. wow have you changed the name or what? i really want to know what eventually happened.tanks

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