Design your own ATM Card: FirstBank introduces “expression on cards”

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You love your mum. She’s the best thing that has happened to you ever. Every time you tell her how much you love and appreciate her, she just twitches her nose at you. You try to tell the world that this woman has gone through so much for you and she means so much to you but they don’t just get it. FirstBank gets it. Understanding that people have emotions that they’ll love to express and show the world, and totally agreeing that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, FirstBank introduces Expressions on Cards.

Expressions on Cards is a unique, special add-on created by FirstBank Ltd for customers who already use or require its Naira MasterCard. The expression on cards feature was introduced by First Bank of Nigeria Ltd. to give customers the freedom not only to design their Debit Card but to take moments they cherish everywhere they take their wallets to.

Kicking-off with a Campus Storm that started at the University of Lagos, the Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications stated that FirstBank gives its customers the freedom to express themselves by customizing their Naira MasterCard with pictures of themselves, loved ones or moments worth remembering on their cards while enjoying the benefits associated with the MasterCard. The bank would be moving around the country to other tertiary institutions in Nigeria to introduce the card.

She stated that the students in the tertiary institutions were targeted because they usually performed transactions that needed much use of the Naira MasterCard such as paying for certain books and courses like CFA.

The Head, E-Business Group, First Bank, Mr. Chuma Ezirim, stated that the expression on cards was a way to give back to their esteemed customers of the bank in such a way that they feel free to determine what the final outlook of the card will be. He said the bank was in the duty of seeking creative ways to delight its customers.

In his words,

“The benefits of using the card are numerous. You can put the image of a loved one and whenever you look you feel that loved. The card being a Naira MasterCard can be used in Nigeria and in over 210 countries in the world and over 1.9 million ATM machines globally. The card is also secure because it is on the chip-and-pin technology which is the global standard.

He explained that the process for requesting for the product/designing the card was easy. Customers who are interested in getting the expression cards can begin to customize their cards online by visiting the bank’s website On this portal, the customer is at liberty to select a picture (from an existing bank-managed gallery or from a personal collection), which would serve as the artwork on the front of his/her card. The card design would be authenticated or approved when the customer visits the nearest branch to pick up his/her card. Cards conforming the terms of the service will be processed and delivered after the customer has affirmed the card request.

Being a globally relevant card, from a reputable and well-respect institution such as First Bank Ltd, youths all over the country finally have the freedom to design a card as unique as they are.




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