Crossing The Ocean: Frank Ocean Leaving The US After Grammy; Moving To China

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Odd Future’s Frank Ocean is reportedly packing bags after this weekend’s Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles to work on his craft outside of the United States.

So what’s next? Ocean told me he was headed to Shanghai after the Grammys with his equipment in tow, some new recordings already in hand, and plans to write “in remote locations for the next two years.” In previous interviews he mentioned also wanting to write a book. “I’ve started writing the book,” he told me. “You can say that. It’s fiction, and it’s about brothers. That’s all I’m going to say.” Whatever the book ends up being about, Ocean’s music is full of suffering, and there are any number of artists who define themselves that way. “I hope not to define myself by suffering,” he told me. He repeated a few times that his Tumblr post had “cured” his depression, that he was finally over the relationship and that he was happy now.
Ocean is up for a handful of Grammy awards at this weekend’s event.
Six artists were tied for the most nominations: the Black Keys’s Dan Auerbach; FUN; Jay-Z; Mumford & Sons; Frank Ocean; and Kanye West each scored six. But with Jay-Z and West mostly relegated to the rap categories, it’s really all about the other four, who all are up for the prestigious album of the year.


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