Cop Killer Christopher Dorner Reportedly Killed In Shootout With LAPD Police

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Reports are circulating that ex-police officer turned serial killer Christopher Dorner has been killed following a shoot-out with LA Police.

Law enforcement sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ a body was found inside a Big Bear cabin, and they are all but certain it is Christopher Dorner — who earlier engaged police in a gunfight before the cabin went up in flames.

Positive identification may take a while because the body was badly burned, but our sources are convinced they have their man.

Cops had cornered Dorner in the remote cabin … after reports came in that he robbed a nearby home, tied up the couple living inside and fled in a white Dodge pickup truck.

A state Fish & Game ranger fired on the vehicle, and cops closed in soon after — resulting in a violent standoff … during which tons of shots were fired, hitting two San Bernardino County deputies … one of whom died at the hospital.

At this point, it’s unclear how exactly Dorner died. Cops reportedly heard a single gunshot around the time the cabin ignited … indicating Dorner might have shot himself.

Dorner was accused of murdering three people — including one police officer — in shootings that took place on February 3rd and February 7th in California. Two other police officers were injured in the shootings.

Cops believe Dorner — a former LAPD officer who was dismissed in 2008 — posted a rambling manifesto on his Facebook page … in which he declared “unconventional and asymmetric warfare” on the LAPD and their families.

In the manifesto, Dorner also expressed his admiration for countless celebrities — like Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby, Larry David, and Ellen DeGeneres.



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