Becoming your own Cinderella (by Tochi Eze)

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It’s still the season of love. I mean Valentine’s day was just around the corner. Banky W had his grand love concert yesterday. Maxwell’s concert is ongoing. Tomorrow boasts of more fun as Kim Kardashian has landed in Nigeria to co-host Dare Art Alade’s Love Like a Movie Concert. I’ll be there with my 360nobs goggles, keeping an eye on everything, everyone. My friend Tochi Eze comes out with this stunning piece that you should see, it goes like this:

I have always loved fairy tales. I recall with fondness my childhood memories, the excitement as I raced to finish lunch and complete my homework just so I could meet up with the feature cartoon. The fulfillment and the dreamlike haze with which I would stare at the TV set, even as it transported me to a world green fields, tall castles and endless possibilities.

Oh the bliss of sleeping beauty, the adventure of red riding hood, the glamour of Cinderella; yet, you can imagine the rude slap of reality as I stepped into the art of growing up and realized that Cinderella was  not real, at least not on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria…right?

I mean, you cant always have birds and cricket that know your name, there wont always be days of blue skies and bright sunshine, prince charming wont come riding in a white horse; as a matter of fact, the closest prince charming might come to riding might be a BRT bus ticket, he wont sweep you off your feet (considering that you might actually weigh more than him…lol), you wont drive into the sunset, and not all step mothers are witches.

Really, you cant have it all I suppose; I mean fair weather and fame, there are days when NEPA will take the light as you are about to watch a much anticipated movie, there are times when the tap water will cease as you are about to start your laundry and there are those horrific days when the gas will finish whilst you are preparing Christmas lunch.

Still, these fairy tales that informed my childhood have thought me some of the most profound truths of my present day. As a matter of fact, the more I consider folklore, the more I discern their relevance in today. For instance;

  • I have learned that there is no such thing as magic; no genies in a bottle, no glass slippers and you can not go from pauper to princess in one night. But you know what? In real life, dreams do come true, change is always constant, men and women have been lifted from the lowly stations of misfortune to the noble place of prominence and renown in the society.
  • I have realized that there are no fairy god mothers; no one out there has the capacity to wave a wand and turn a pumpkin into a coach, it is not the prerogative of some tiny but cute creature to turn your fortune by the power of her pixie dust, but you know what? You may not have a wish but you can prophetically align yourself in the place of prayers, and there is a God in the heavens who can transport you to the palace, not on a pumpkin but on the vehicle of your faith.
  • I have come to discern that there is no such thing as true love’s kiss. Actually, there is no such thing as true love…there is either love or there isn’t. love is simply love, it is the blood of life, the essence of soul and the character of your spirit. A kiss wont make your frog become a handsome prince, but you know what? Loving him and staying patient and prayerful over him can bring out the best in him…far better than a fair knight with a dark soul.

Darlings, life and by that I mean the specifics of your life, the details of the events that inform your existence can truly be a fairy tale, you can become your own Cinderella and be transformed from the dregs of your limitation to the glory of the palace; not by the whim of chance on a cool night but by the choices you make deliberately on a day to day basis.  You know why? Because you don’t need an invitation to step into the ball room of destiny.

Let hope paint the future in all the colours you prefer, let faith strengthen you to pursue your dreams and let love find you with a miracle, this very moment as you read this.In addition, I’ll say Live, Love and Laugh hard and you have just

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