Kim Kardashian caught shopping for Cartier engagement rings

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Kim Kardashian was spotted viewing a few wedding bands on the main floor of Cartier in Beverly Hills before she was taken upstairs via an elevator to the VIP section where most of the exclusive diamond collections are housed.

Although Kim, 32 is still legally bound to her ex, Kris Humphries, the divorce has been painfully slow. It is expected to wrap up by the end of February. Kim seems bent on legalizing her union with Kanye the second her divorce is complete.

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An employee at the store revealed that Kim particularly loved the Cartier d’Amour solitaire paved with diamonds. In her words:

“I showed her a few other ones from a set of different collections. She was more interested in this one (the Cartier d’Amour solitaire paved with diamonds) and making some adjustments to it. Kim wants her piece to be custom, something out of the ordinary, and we’re certainly happy to accommodate her.”

Cartier’s website describes the ring as: “A wedding band like a pledge of eternal love, symbolized by the circle. A modern gleam of platinum or pink gold, which accompanies the Cartier d’Amour solitaire. Ring in platinum set with brilliant-cut diamonds, central brilliant-cut diamond available from 1.00 to 1.10 ct.”

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