True Love Never Dies: Tiger Woods Proposes To Ex-Wife

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Well, Well Well. You know what they say, “They always come back.” And that’s exactly why pro-golfer, Tiger Woods is rumored to be doing  ex wife Elin. You may remember back in 2009, Woods embarrassed the hell out of her when word of his numerous affairs came to light.  Woods admitted during his sex addiction therapy to sleeping with 121 different women, including everyone from waitresses to adult video stars, to the daughter of his neighbor, a 21 year old young woman.


I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, but this number and Woods’ sloppiness leads me to believe that he really does have an addiction. Sleeping with adult video stars and neighbors is behavior of a man who just has some type of mental issue. To risk not only his health,  his marriage and family and all he had achieved in his career, with that many women is nothing short of some type of sickness. Complete, reckless abandon.

But now, three years after the divorce papers were signed, rumors are swirling that Tiger has proposed to his ex wife for the second time.  Initially, the National Enquirer and now several other news outlets are reporting that around Christmas time, Woods got down on one knee and asked Elin to marry him again. This time, he’s bringing a $200 million prenup to the table.

Supposedly, Elin is considering the offer but also has a demand of her own. She wants a $350 million cheating clause. Maybe she’s thinking, if and when Tiger is ever tempted to step out again, he’ll consider at least 55o reasons why he should walk away.

Though Elin has dated a few men since the two split three years ago, it would seem that if she’s even considering the offer, she still loves dude. She really doesn’t need any money as this point, considering she won $110 million in their divorce settlement. And if that’s not enough to convince you, think about how she reacted when she found out about his infidelity. Homegirl flipped, chasing him with golf clubs, beat and bloodied him and someone caused him to wreck their car in the process. Those are the actions of a betrayed woman in love. If she was just there for the money, she would have just packed her bags, grabbed the kids and collected her check. If any of those feelings from three years ago, still linger, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two find their way back to the altar.

Elin is said to be in the process of building a $12 million home in North Palm Beach, Florida. Maybe now, she’ll have an additional person moving in there with her.

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