They Are Out There: Scientist Find Proof Of Alien Life

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A British scientist claims he has found alien life in a meteorite once again strengthening belief that life on Earth might not be the only one in the world.

Scientist Chandra Wickramasinghe has found a meteorite rock in Sri Lanka which he claims has live algae forms similar to the ones found on Earth. “The finding provides strong evidence that human life started outside Earth”, he states.

The rock which fell on Earth as part of a meteorite shower is two inches wide. The meteorite shower was unexpected and most of the rocks were still blazing when they were discovered by villagers of the nearby village.  The rocks were scanned under powerful microscopes when the fossils were discovered. The fossils are said to be similar to the algae fossils found during the Dinosaur era, nearly 55 million years ago!

Although Professor Chandra’s claims have been rubbished by critics who claim the rocks were contaminated by fossils from Earth, the professor still stands by his statement. He claims the rock also has other unidentified elements and fossils which might provide answers to the complex world outside Earth.



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