That Family Reunion …Episode 9

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I avoid Grandma’s face as much as I can and my eyes are moist with tears that I hope won’t fall. He doesn’t want me? But why do I want him to want me? Why do I even want him?

Tokunbo scoffs “I know you well Kunle Davies and I know when you are lying. You want that woman and we both know that. You are only scared of a breakdown you feel I can’t handle”

Kunle doesn’t say anything. Does he agree with her? Please say something, I pray silently.

“Goodbye Kunle. I will always love you” and like that she leaves.

He watches her and doesn’t move an inch till she disappears from view, I do the same too and I honestly wonder what happens next. My mechanic appears from a distance, it is time to go home. I look away from him and drag my gaze to meet Kunle’s. He must have noticed us standing at the door because he is staring at me now, really staring.

We hold each other’s gaze for a few seconds and from the way he’s staring, I think he knows I witnessed everything. I shake my head and I turn into the house, he is by my side before I know it.

“Morenike, don’t make conclusions based on whatever you saw or heard” He says as he tries to hold me. I jerk my hand free and shoot him an acidic look.

“When I told you my life is in a mess, that’s exactly part of what I meant!” He explains. I keep walking, he keeps following “Tokunbo and I were engaged for two years…”

That’s the explanation I’ve been wanting to hear, what really happened or might be happening between them, what I feel might be the whole truth. He’s offering me the explanation now, the details but I don’t listen. I don’t. I’m hurt. I feel stupid for wanting this man, for developing stupid feelings I know I shouldn’t even give a second thought to. He drags me close to him and sternly says “Listen to me young woman. I will offer this explanation and you will listen… carefully”

My heart is beating faster and I think maybe he can hear it. He breathes in and gently lets out air, as if to stabilise himself, then calmly continues

“Tokunbo cheated on me, I was deeply in love with her and so I made up excuses for her but it wouldn’t stop. She’s beautiful, men chase her and she never says no. When I finally ended the engagement she didn’t think I was serious”

Well, Tokunbo is one gorgeous woman, that fact probably clouded her reasoning.

“We were in the UK then, she had come over for holidays and I was working. She flirted with my boss and didn’t feel sorry for it”

Ouch. That must hurt. Don’t men hate that thing? Wrong move Tokunbo, Very wrong move.

“I was embarrassed and more, disgusted. It was as if she did everything on purpose, believing I’d forgive” He looks irritated even now talking about it.

I soften. I listen to him more now. He’s got my undivided attention.

“I watched her and my boss flirt that night, when we got home I couldn’t even make love to her. For the first time since I met her, seeing her naked in front of the mirror didn’t turn me on. It didn’t spark any feelings. It was over. She had done the worst. Before she woke up the next morning, I’d left for work and at lunch that day, I told her it was over. She didn’t believe me. I stopped picking her calls and talking to her but she thought it would pass. It has been over a year and she hasn’t really been able to track me. I arrived in Nigeria last week and she called my parents and found me.”

I nod gently. I don’t know what to say. He is polite enough to explain things to me but he doesn’t want me. Not the way I want him.

“Would you say something? Please”

I don’t answer him, instead I say “my mechanic is outside and he’s taking us to Lagos now. I guess I should say goodbye at this point.”

He doesn’t believe me “you are leaving without saying anything to what I said?”

“Handle your personal life Kunle.” I snap. I get Celebrate and Ore out of the house and we set to leave. When I get outside, Kunle is by the car.

“I’m dropping you in Lagos” he says.

And before I can say anything to him, he snatches the car keys from the mechanic and sits behind the wheel. My mechanic stares at me in shock; he is as surprised as I am at the action of Mr Davies.

I shrug and get into the car, the backseat. I see his face from the mirror and I see he is shocked that I’m not sitting by his side. Haha! Payback.

I say goodbye to my extended family, which consists only of my grandma and we head out to Lagos. The mechanic sits side by side Kunle and Celebrate and I sit in the backseat with Ore.

When we arrive at my flat, Ore is fast asleep, excusing myself from every other person, I go to his room and gently put him to bed.

“Thank you Abbey” I say to the mechanic and after paying him for a service Mr Kunle Davies refused to let him offer, he leaves.

“At least say welcome to my humble abode as they do it in Nollywood.” Kunle says, staring at me carefully.

“This isn’t Nollywood” I riposte.

“Aha! Just when I was thinking it was”

I ignore him and well, he makes himself at home. What would I do with this man “Get me a glass of water Celeb” he says.

Celebrate hurries out of the room to the kitchen, he returns soon with a glass and a bottle of cold water which Kunle drinks from and hands over to him after.

“Thanks Celeb” He nods.

“Yes sir”

Celeb though?! Orisirisi

Celeb as Kunle calls him, leaves us both and exits. He stares at me and as I sit down and busy myself with nothing in particular on my phone, I can feel his eyes on me. I’m uncomfortable.

“Stop staring at me” I say without looking at him.

“Why? I like it” He responds.


I nod. “Keep doing it then”

“You bet I will” is his response.

The man is different, at least very different from every other man that I have ever met or gotten involved with. I think I know what he is about to do one second and the next he throws me off balance with his actions. I wonder what he has going through his mind at the moment and I wish I could at least know it. Wait, doesn’t he intend to go back to Ibadan?

He answers my unspoken question “I am leaving soon”

I’m disappointed. I want him to stay. Ah! Make up your mind woman; do you want him around or not? My feelings keep going back and forth; I’m not even in charge of my senses anymore. He stands and walks closer, when he is by my side, he crouches and gently takes my phone away from me.

“You are still mad at me”

I am not really. To be fair, I am madder at me for all these conflicting feelings, than I am at him.

“I’m sorry you had to witness that scene.” He apologises.

“Oh, you’d have preferred for me not to know the truth?” I ask

“Damn it woman, I am telling you the truth. Tokunbo stormed towards your house to cause another scene, I wasn’t going to let that and I tried to stop her from getting inside. I had no idea you were out there, watching” He says “and like you heard, she’s gone. For real”

“How are you even sure?” I ask him. And he doesn’t say anything. He is not. I get up from the chair and head for my room, he follows me and calls my name but I don’t answer.

“Don’t you think you are being a bit dramatic?” He asks when we enter my room.

I know I am. And I don’t know why.

“I’m sorry Kunle, you don’t owe me any form of explanation” I respond. He holds my gaze for a while and I am the one who eventually looks away because I can’t stare at him for too long. These stupid feelings would get me into trouble, I know that.

Without warning, he takes two quick strides and has me in his arms in seconds; I am still overwhelmed by how quick he’s held me when he kisses my head, my nose and then my mouth. Like the last kiss before this one, I am lost in it and I give my all as if holding back would be a crime. My heart beats faster and I know this one kiss might just be more and if it turns out to be, I won’t say no.

His hands move from my waist and gently up to my boobs, his fingers expertly caressing my now, very taut nipples. Aha! Now I know I’m jelly in this man’s capable and firm hands!

“Morenike, I’m going to make love to you. Do you want me to?” He asks coarsely, his voice thick with passion. How can he be asking me such a question when my senses are on their way to America? I jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist for support in response, he in turn holds me with one hand as the other continues to do amazing things to my boobs.

How can a man be so skillful with just one hand? Maybe he was working as a pornstar in the UK?

We make it to the bed and he gently strips me of my clothes, he is by my side immediately as he continues to work his way around my body like he created it. I’m sure I’ve never had it this wonderful, heck I’m moaning his name already!

He relieves himself of his clothes and I know I want him really quick; he makes a quick dash to the door and locks it, aha! At least one of us still has sense, before Celeb walks in on us doing the deed.

“You’re so beautiful” he whispers as his tongue gently tickles my nipple and he gently eases in, heaven here I come!

Whoever says lovemaking was only great at night? After two rounds of lovemaking, I am sure Kunle Davies must have taken some sorta class on how to pleasure a woman perfectly. He holds me close and gently kisses my neck.

I check the time and its almost late evening; I’m letting him stay tonight. He can leave in the morning.

By morning, we have made love four times and I feel totally refreshed. Kunle gets up and turns on the heater, setting the bathroom ready for me to have my bath, then he heads out and returns with an excited Oreoluwa. This man would be a good daddy and it is very hard not to picture him that way. I feel different, refreshed and excited.

Celebrate knocks on the door and Kunle answers it.

“Erm…erm…” He sounds and looks confused, it must be seeing Kunle in my bedroom with just his jeans on and me under the sheets. Okay, I should feel shameless.

“What is it?” I ask

“Na Ore’s daddy.”

Fuck! Makin is at the door? What the hell does he want? I dismiss Celebrate and hurriedly throw something on, I don’t notice I’m wearing my gown the wrong way till I’m out the door and in the sitting room.

“What brings you here so early in the morning?” I ask coldly, wondering what he’s looking for.

“I came to check on my son” he states in kind.

“And do you stalk us? Or how did you know we were back?” I demand. Shouldn’t the man stay with his family more? Or dedicate the time he seems to have so much on his hands, to bonding with his latest baby mama? Man slut oshi.

“I saw your mechanic yesterday, he repaired Muna’s car and mentioned something about you coming in” he answers, a bit defensive.

“And like a loving daddy you decided to pop in” I say sarcastically.

“Giving that you are not a loving mother, someone’s got to take care of that little boy” He fires. Kunle emerges from the room and I wonder why he didn’t stay back?

“Hello Makin” he says

“Kunle Davies. What are you doing here?”

What? They know each other? I watch in horror as they shake hands.



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  1. Wow! Ma best line…… “Listen to me young woman. I will offer this explanation and you will listen… carefully” beautiful piece! Its α turn on on its own. Nice 1 coco! They know eachother?! Now,I can’t wait to know how. Continue d good work dear!

  2. Ermmmm wwats d meaning of dis one nau? Wats Makin looking for up and down? Can’t a woman av a good time anymore… Shebi he is just d baby’s daddy? Wats all d stalking for? Nau am really vexing!!! Stupid idiot!

  3. Can Makin buzz off already? The suspense is killing! I hope this doesn’t end in Nollywood style with Morenike waking up from a dream? *fingers crossed*

  4. What the hell does makiN want ehn? Wrong timing! Thumbs up to the writer thanks for making the past wednesdays interesting and thanks for making nextweek wednesday a day to look forward too

  5. OMG! For crying out loud, how did Makin and Kunle know each other? Makin waka pass abeg, no spoil show for Morenike. Mtchew +this suspense is too much o

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