That Family Reunion …Episode 7

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I turn to look at Celebrate and I point the way to the room to him “Take Ore inside…” I glance at the Voltron in front of me then add “and lock the door”.

When they leave, I face Miss Supermodel. She is in a pair of jeans and a tank this morning, her face devoid of any form of makeup, but yet she still looks good.

“I don’t know what happened to your HUSBAND I place a strong emphasis on husband, “but I assure you that you are asking the wrong person”

She doesn’t say anything and after a few seconds of staring at me like something irritating, she storms out. I turn and standing by my side is Mobola.

“What did she come for?” She asks

“I don’t know. Run after her and ask” I respond. I’m done being civil.

“You sound crabby” she says.

Crabby ko shrimpy ni. “Maybe I’m not in the mood to talk” I snap and walk past her.

“We have a barbecue thing tonight. Everyone’s going to be there” she’s excited “music, alcohol and lots of fine men. Since you’re single and searching…”

I block her out and head towards my grandmother’s room. I meet her halfway and after we exchange greetings, we both sit by the dining table. Thank God Mobola is gone.

“Did you bring Ore?” Grandma wants to know. I nod in response. “Where is he?”

“In the room!” And I head to the room to bring my son. When I return, grandma is halfway in conversation with Kunle who must have come in when I left.

“…you stood by my door and kissed her there. Even if that is what your generation does, do you not have respect for my own generation?”

Kunle prostrates immediately and I am shocked that he feels so genuinely sorry for what he did. Grandma nods and gestures for him to stand up, his apology has been accepted.

“I would excuse you both now. But please no immoral actions in my house. Especially since we know you are a married man” she carries Ore in her arms and leaves us both. Silence ensues for moments and we don’t say anything to each other. I am certainly not breaking the silence I tell myself. The man has a lot of explanation to do and I intend to give him all the time in the world.

“I’m sorry about the other day. I didn’t know Tokunbo was coming” he begins.

“Oh” is all I say. Abi what else is there to say?

“She doesn’t adjust to change well and…I’m just really sorry”

“When were you going to tell me you are married?” I inquire, frowning. I should ask why his wife came here to look for him but I’m too interested in the explanation he’s got to give.

“I’m not married Morenike” he answers. And again, there’s a long stretch of silence.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit convenient for you to say to me and not my grandma?” I ask

“I don’t understand you”

“My grandma says you’re married, you don’t counter it. Your wife…” Of course I stress the word wife. “…walks in here and declares to us all during breakfast that you’re married and you don’t stop her. But it is very easy for you to tell me that you are not.”

“Are you saying that I’m lying?” He asks, and he looks like he’s trying hard not to laugh.

“Are you not?” The man can make someone look foolish sef. Then who is the woman if she is not his Mrs?

“She is not my wife Morenike. Tokunbo was a part of my life but she isn’t anymore. She ceased to be a long time ago. She is a drama queen, she is a bit funny when she wants to prove an unneccessary point and she makes sure everyone notices her.” He explains with a smirk on his face. I must admit I am quite distracted by the smile but honestly I feel like there’s more he isn’t saying. I make to tell him she’s been to the house, looking for him but his phone rings and nips that in the bud.

“Hello…” He excuses himself by raising a finger and mouthing “one minute”. I nod and take a stroll to the spacious backyard, where Mobola’s “barbecue thing” is supposed to happen. My uncle, his wife, mommy London, all of my cousins and some few unfamiliar faces are busy arranging and getting ready. Looks like fun, I decide and head back towards the house. I look around and I see Kunle is not back just yet. Then I retire to my room. I’d just take a nap, maybe he’d be around when I wake…

I don’t see Kunle till evening, when the barbecue event starts. And for some reason, he arrives with Tokunbo. I wonder what she is to him. And I’m very jealous; Totally jealous; Seriously jealous. And I don’t know why.

I keep an eye on Oreoluwa as he runs around with my cousins who seem so happy to have him around. The party is in full swing and lots of guests, most of which I have never seen before, arrive one after the other.

I look away from Ore and mentally search for Kunle, he seems to be in a very heated argument with Tokunbo, the latter seems agitated but I can’t hear them. Thanks to the music and the noise coming from various angles.

Kunle walks up to me and stands by my side; we don’t say anything to each other for a while.

“Is that your son?” He asks suddenly and I nod. “He is adorable” he says and just like that runs to Ore and scoops him up in his arms. He tickles him and Ore smiles excitedly. I giggle. He doesn’t even respond to Makin that way.

A few hours pass and more and more people troop in. Just when I was thinking it was going to be a few people nursing a few drinks or something. My grandmother is in what seems like an interesting discussion with two women who are around her age. Mobola is close by, giggling like a little girl and throwing her arms around a man who looks like a mechanic. I try not to laugh, is this what she meant by lots of fine men? This man looking like something that just came out of a mechanic village! Someone needs to lecture the girl on the words Class and Taste.  Everyone except me seems to be having fun, I sit around a table and Kunle joins me with Celebrate and Ore. I use the opportunity to ask him where he was earlier and why his “wife” decided my family house was the first place to search for him, he says he’s not been home a lot since she arrived and that Tokunbo just seems to like trouble. I glance at the object of our discussion and I see her pouring herself drinks, she looks disturbed.

I look away from her and almost immediately, from the corner of my eyes, I see her storm towards our table.

“Hey. So I haven’t officially told you this but you need to hands off my man” she begins, gazing at me, I know she can’t stand me. The hatred is clearly written all over her. I wonder why? She’s hot and pretty and her man is not likely to leave her for me. He says he isn’t with her but there’s no proof he isn’t.

“You always get this wrong. I don’t have anything…”

She interrupts me “I have his name tattooed on my heart, my soul and my pussy”

Oh Okay, too much information don’t you think?

“And I don’t mess with him!” She raises her voice this time and a few people look our way. I wouldn’t have minded if it was just family but there are other people in here. Suddenly she zips down her jeans and using her well manicured fingers to pull aside her lacy panties, she exposes a two letter tattoo “KD” on her cleanly shaven Vagina, which clearly stands for Kunle Davies.

I gape at her in shock. Everybody seems to be doing the same thing. Kunle lets out a gasp.

Mobola giggles, “Morenike is like the E! Channel. Everything entertainment!”

I can’t take this.



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  1. =))=Dlaffº˚˚°º≈wanº˚˚°º≈condemnº˚˚°º≈myº˚˚°º≈ribsº˚˚°º≈=))=D ! Who send am message? She betta use lasser to remove d useless tatoo! Oloshi somebody! Adrenaline pumping! So kunle is not married to babe* Ope* oOoooo! ! Nextweek is a reality! Coco* welldone*

  2. Tokunbo is CRAZY. Silly girl. Kunle wouldn’t marry her in the end so she beta be ready to die of heart attack

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