That Family Reunion …Episode 6

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I disengage from the embrace and step away. Mrs HeidiKlum-Gisele Bundchen-MirandaKerr all rolled into one sashays closer. She holds her husband in a steady gaze and smiles. Jeez, she is fine.

“Olukunle Emmanuel Davies, say hello to your wife”

Kunle looks at her and says nothing. Everyone in the room looks at them, including me. Who needs delicious breakfast when an Oscar winning movie is being played out right in the dining room?

His face devoid of any expression, Kunle drags her out of the room. She struggles to catch up with him but he pays her no attention and pulls her until they are out of the door. Interesting! I wonder when Kunle intended to tell me about his marriage to Miss Supermodel; After he must have gotten me into his bed maybe. I realise I am jealous that he’s got that cutie and he forgot to mention it. And he kissed me.

“What is going on?” Grandma asks and I’m jolted out of my sadness at the newest development.

“Nothing” I answer.

“What happened to Ore?”

Oh no! Woman why do you always ask me questions I cannot answer!

Erm…nothing” I respond and she nods. I realise she doesn’t believe me. She doesn’t shift her gaze from my face. Every other person including Mommy London has started eating what I know would be, a very cold breakfast.

“Morenikeji Alabi, sit down now and tell me truthfully what is wrong with Ore”

Damn it! That phone conversation with my baby daddy must have done me in! I should have been more discreet.

“He had a very minor accident” I say and look everywhere but her face. “Very minor. Very very minor”

“You can leave” she says calmly and I turn to look at her. Her voice is calm but the expression on her face isn’t. I know better than stand there and wait. I hurriedly pick my bags and head out of the room.

When I get out, I can’t see any trace of Mr and Mrs Supermodel Davies. I feel an unexplainable wave of disappointment. I was hoping I could see him one last time before I leave.

I reach Lagos some minutes to noon and I find my baby daddy in my flat, playing with our kid.

“You are just coming” he eyes me as I drop my bag. Ore runs to me excitedly.

That’s him. The only one I live for. My heart swells with love as I hold him close and kiss his head.

“I am concerned about how you are raising my son” Makin states and I ignore him again, playing with my child.

“You realise what you did was stupid? Leaving him with your houseboy? Totally irresponsible”

I look up at him, “You know, considering the fact that you have a wife with three kids and a semi wife somewhere else heavily pregnant with your fifth child, irresponsible isn’t a word you should call others”

He doesn’t say anything for the next few minutes and I busy myself with playing with my son and checking his body. No physical bruise.

“Celebrate!” I call for my houseboy and he is there in minutes.

“Madam, I sorry for the fall…I no…”

“It’s okay!” I say “it is not your fault” he nods and sighs.

I think he is relieved I’m not yelling.

“Oga just return from hospital with am” he adds and I nod.

“Has he eaten?” I ask.

“I don give am indomie” he responds and I dismiss him with a wave of the hand.

“It is absolutely wrong for you to defend yourself with the mistakes I have made” Makin starts

“Mistake? You made a mistake by refusing to tell me the truth and it is a mistake that Muna is pregnant for you?” I ask

“Why are we even discussing this? Shouldn’t we be discussing your negligence of motherly duties right now?” He thunders.

“I didn’t neglect my motherly duties…”

“And here she goes again defending herself!” He interjects.

“Get out of my house Makin. I just left family drama behind, I won’t be subjected to another in my own apartment” I say gently but I’m sure he can’t miss the anger in it. He sizes me up and storms out after.

I forget him instantly and continue playing with my kid.

The day passes slowly and the thought of what Kunle and Mrs Supermodel might be up to lingers. I wonder what my business is. My phone rings and it is my grandma. I have been dreading this call.

“Grandma” I say as soon as I answer it.

“How is he?” She asks

“He is fine. Makin took him to the hospital before I got home.” I respond. I know she is very disappointed in me but I honestly am trying my best to be a good mom.

“Come back to Ibadan tomorrow.” She orders and quickly adds, “bring Ore with you this time”

What? Just when I thought I was done with family drama?

“Christmas is in two days. You can leave after Christmas and family thanksgiving. Bring Celebration with you…”

“Celebrate” I correct

“Nkan ti ko ba wu, ko je. Sha pada si Ibadan” she orders and ends the call.

I sigh. I don’t want that Family drama again but for some stupid reason I can’t explain, I am elated at the thought of seeing Kunle Davies again.

The next morning I’m there with my son and Celebrate and I get my mechanic to drive us down. I can’t travel long distances and he came in handy, especially since he would come and pick us after the holidays.

I walk in and at the entrance is Miss Supermodel, a venomous look in her eyes and need I say it is directed to me. I quickly eye the door and calculate how soon I would make it to my car and escape.

“What the fuck did you do with my husband?” She yells.

Er…what? I stare at her, totally clueless.

“I said where the fuck did you put my husband?!”

Right, Okay. I must be jinxed with drama.



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  1. Ms Coco, now you have my attention, and you are bent on playing with my emotions with all this suspense. Well I must confess been a single mother isn’t easy having been raised by one. That’s why I won’t blame Morenike. But she needs to get her priority right. Getting involved with guy that are either taken or not available, won’t help her in anyway. But come to think of it maybe they are the kind of guys that tickles her fancy, but if you ask me that is so unfortunate. Women and their twisted Logic. Anyways fantastic job you are doing. You are fast becoming one of my favorite writer. Now I have to wait another week, the suspense it worth waiting for….wink.

  2. iLike! iReallyReallyLike!! Read all 6 episodes just now & all I’ve got to say is you’ve certainly got my attention.

  3. If supermodel isn’t wv her man den whr is he? Lemme guess,he has gone to get himself drunk,he is in love or has α mad crush on morenikeji and he suddenly forgets he has α wife until supermodel shows up. Nice! Can’t wait 4d end σяv dis…

  4. You found your niche babe and it comes with style,took awhile but this is it,was just thinkn now that this could be turned into a movie somehow,dips on producer sha ooo………still can’t get over the name Ore though*RME*…..nice work yet again…I hope we ar nt goin to 24 sha…(˘̯˘)

  5. Mrs Davies, suddenly asking Moren about her husband’s whereabout shows that she is always at loggerheads with her husband and that is why in the first 4 episodes there wasn’t any knowledge of her, which means that Davies himself must be tired of the relationship and trying to get rid of his supermodel hunny or possibly, just like Makin; who throws his semen anywhere available.
    Coco. Nice one, though, it seems the episodes are now getting shorter than usual.

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