Stop Those Dating Habits!

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You have just been introduced to the hot man/woman you saw on your friend’s phone or maybe you even saw her walking down the road and asked for her number, either ways, both of you are on a date now and you are ruining it with your actions.

Here are a few habits that both sexes are guilty of and which usually makes the first date the last one.

1. Fiddling with your phone-Yes you have 15thousand followers on twitter and your instagram is ever interesting and your bbm is always needing your attention, but have you considered the person you’re on a date with? Do you realise the more you concentrate on your phone like it is a little baby, the more you’re making the person you’re with uncomfortable? It is nicer to decline a date than go there and dedicate your entire time to a phone.

2. Talking too much-No, you are not allowed to talk all by yourself when you have a date. Don’t bore the other party my launching into one story or the other about your life while making he/she your unwilling audience. Yes they want to know you, not watch a boring monologue. The date is to learn about each other not reel out your biography. It is a date after all, not an open mic session featuring just you.

3. Scanning the room- as if looking for an exit. This can make your date grow increasinly uncomfortable. If you don’t like the environment, let him/her know, don’t scan the place like a criminal looking for the quickest escape out of a room.

4. Too much Overdo- if he takes you to a fancy restaurant and asks you to make your order, how about you make an order you can actually eat? Not something you barely know how to eat and then at the end of the day make a fool of yourself? Do not try to eat a foreign food when you know you’ve never tried it or that it would upset your stomach.

5. Do not try to impress- be yourself, who you really are and don’t go out of your way to impress the other party. If he or she isn’t okay or satisfied with your true self, then good riddance.



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