Rita Ora Vehemently Denies Having Affair With Jay-Z

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Roc Nation princess Rita Ora has decided to let the gossip sites get the best of her, stepping forward to address rumors claiming she is secretly sleeping with her boss Jay-Z.

“I stayed silent on one bullsh*t rumor, but this one I have to speak … Never will anyone, including a red hed dumb Z-list attention seeking *****, talk sh*t about me and my family, Holly whatever the f*ck your name is.” “Anyway, I only speak when I have to and that was just f*cking ridiculous, that’s why I spoke.”
Last year, Ora’s name was dragged through the mud after Rob Kardashian suggested that she had cheated on him with over 20 men.
The accusation reportedly started courtesy of reality television personality Holly Fagan.
For no apparent reason, Holly launched into a rant about cheating men on her show last night, sparking a debate with: ‘You are all thick if u think just because someone’s absolutely stunning they won’t get cheated on…Cheryl Cole? No relationship is perfect’. Hey! Cheryl is a fan of Geordie Shore – you shouldn’t drag her into it! Anyway, Holly then added: ‘I’ve been told to say that Rita Ora has been ALLEGEDLY ***** Jay Z! I repeat ALLEGEDLY’.


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