R. Kelly Records Tribute Song For Victims Of Sandy Hook Shooting – “I Know You’re Hurting”

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Obviously just as shaken by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14 as the rest of the country, singer R. Kelly decided to pen and record a song to pay tribute to the students, with ALL proceeds allegedly going to the families of the victims of such a senseless tragedy.

The track, however, does not have Kelly on it singing, but rather a children’s choir and an adult choir taking over vocals. He does talk over the track, getting his Kirk Franklin on as the choir croons. Less than three minutes long, the song is touching both in its arrangement of instruments, as well as in the lyrics. The song’s chorus, for example, goes “I know you’re hurting, I hear you crying, but come tomorrow, there’s a place you can go. Find the blue skies, hear the choir sing, feel the power, of a miracle, miracle…”

Definitely an emotional song, it can tug at your heartstrings once the track reaches the climax. After listening to it, R. Kelly is still a hitmaker in every sense of the word, and you’ve got to give the man credit for being able to get people to dance and still be able to go gospel on ‘em. It’s a great song for a good cause, and you can actually buy the song on iTunes if you want to help out. Listen to the track below.


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