Pre-nup Of Life: Janet Jackson’s Arab Fiance Guarantees Her $500million

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This is the kind of prenup you get when you get married to An Arab-mogul. Janet is set to enter into a marriage that’s going to guarantee her the sort of wealth even Michael her brother couldn’t amass during his lifetime of success.

“She’s looking forward to a fairytale life with Wissam.”

Janet and her fiance, Wissam have entered into an agreement that is going to guarantee Janet, half a billion dollars (around £312.14million) if they divorce after a minimum of five years.

Luxury brand mogul Wissam, who at 37 is nine years her junior, last week confirmed their wedding will go ahead in his home country of Qatar in April or May, adding: “We are very happy and very excited.”   Janet’s friend said: “She did not get cold feet over a New Year’s wedding, as suggested.

They decided to wait until spring so they can complete every arrangement, including the prenup.” Wissam has promised to fly in all members of Janet’s family who wish to attend on his private jet.”

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