Miranda Lambert Bashes Chris Brown Again: “Don’t Celebrate Women Beaters”

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Country singer Miranda Lambert isn’t the biggest fan of Chris Brown… and she’s not afraid to show it. The 29-year-old wife of Blake Shelton blasted the R&B crooner on Twitter after last year’s Grammys, insisting that a guy who “beats up on a girl” (Rihanna) shouldn’t be honored with two prestigious awards. Following several more pubic denunciations of Brown’s violent actions (with a hostile Twitter response from Young Breezy himself), Lambert is at it again… this time slamming the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer in the February issue of Redbook.

Although rumors have it that Brown and RiRi have rekindled a romantic relationship since the highly-publicized domestic abuse case back in 2009, Lambert believes that fans shouldn’t continue to celebrate men like Brown. Following the 2012 Grammy Awards last February (where Brown took home two trophies), Lambert hit up Twitter to express her disapproval:

@mirandalambert: “Chris Brown twice? I don’t get it. He beat on a girl…Not cool that we act like that didn’t happen. He needs to listen to ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ and be put back in his place. Not at the Grammys.”

A few days later Brown shot back with:

@chrisbrown: “Using my name to get publicity? I love it! Perform your heart out! Go buy Miranda Lambert album! So motivational and ‘PERFECT’!”

But that wasn’t the end of it… a few days later when performing a concert at the University of Massachusetts, Lambert held up this sign:

Lambert shouted out to the crowd – “I’ve been in a world of hurt with Chris Brown fans lately…but see, I just have to speak my mind because where I come from, beating up on a woman is never OK… So that’s why my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun” – before blasting into the hit “Gunpowder and Lead” (a song about a woman preparing to kill her abusive ex-husband).

And now approximately a year later, Lambert isn’t finished with her fighting words against Brown. She recently stated in an interview with Redbook magazine (referring back to the Grammys/Twitter feud), “He beat a girl…not cool that we act like that didn’t happen. I didn’t feel right about not saying something. The loudmouth that I am, I say what I think… I wanted everyone to know that I don’t agree with the message it’s sending to young women. It’s not okay. At all.” She staunchly concluded with, “To be celebrated after doing something like that. I don’t think it’s right, I never will, and I will stand by what I said till the day I die.”

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