Justin Bieber’s Mom To Send Him To Rehab

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Justin Biebers mom fears he’s “headed to rehab,” reports the National Enquirer, which says Pattie Mallette “doesn’t want her son to be another Hollywood tragedy.”

The tabloid, which in the past has claimed Bieber was ordered to get Botox (nope), bottling his own sweat to sell at an auction (not), and grounded by his mother for buying a car (nonsense), alleges the singer “cheated on longtime former girlfriend Selena Gomez with a Memphis teenager” with whom he regularly smokes pot.

After photos emerged of Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana at a hotel party, Mallette has supposedly decided to “get him into rehab,” claims the mag.

According to a purported “insider” for the tab, “Pattie recently demanded a secret meeting with Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, and his team of handlers and insisted they take action.”

The so-called “source” adds, “I’m sure she will locate the best addiction specialists in the field and demand that a plan be put into place immediately.”

Well, Gossip Cop didn’t feel quite as sure about this story, so we checked with an actual Bieber insider, who tells us it’s 100% UNTRUE that Mallette wants her son in rehab.

And while Bieber and Gomez broke up, we’re assured  he has NO secret teenage girlfriend in Memphis.

Perhaps the Enquirer should seek professional help… for its reporting.

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