Justin Bieber Advised To End Friendship With Lil Twist

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Fans of teenage pop star Justin Bieber are advising him to cut ties with Lil’ Twist as a lot of people feel he’s a negative impact in the singer’s life.

Justin Bieber, 18, was photographed holding what appears to be marijuana as he partied with a few friends, including rapper Lil’ Twist, in a hotel room in Newport Beach, California on Jan. 2. These photos were released three days after a paparazzo, who made a call to his freelancing photo agency and claimed the Biebs was smoking pot while driving, was killed while trying to photograph Justin. In actuality, it was Lil’ Twist who was behind the wheel of Justin’s infamous white Ferrari, giving Justin a bad name in the process.

Lil Twist also doesn’t have any fans in Justin’s on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez, who is clearly not happy with the friendship.

“[Friends and family are] deeply concerned that Twist has become a powerful negative influence in [Justin’s] life and feel very strongly [that he] needs a clean break from the rapper or else bad things are going to happen,” sources tell TMZ.



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