It Must Work: Kobe Bryant Believes He Will Win A Championship With Dwight Howard

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Although the Lakers got a much needed win last night over the Utah Jazz, they’re still nowhere close to where everyone expected them to be.

With a 18-25 record and sitting 11th in the Western Conference, people are beginning to question whether or not the Lakers will even make the playoffs.  Well Kobe answers whether he can see the Lakers going all the way to the Championship with Dwight Howard on board.

Asked if he (Kobe Bryant) still believed he could win a championship with (Dwight) Howard, he said, “Yeah, for sure.” Unrelenting and sure as always, he’s trying to teach Howard a lesson he may not want to learn.

“It’s a process for him,” Bryant said. “He wants to be one of the greats of all time, and to do that you have to learn from the greats of all time – be it Bill Russell, be it Shaq. I mean Shaq was a moody, temperamental dude. So if you watch all the big men who have come before, you start to see a common denominator.”

Kobe is running out of time to “teach” Howard whatever it is he’s trying to teach him.  Barring some kind of miracle, the Lakers aren’t winning a championship this year and Dwight Howard will become a free agent at the end of the season.  It’s still unknown if he will re-sign with the team but if he does it appears Kobe believes they can make it work.




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