Introducing the Wana Sambo first ever footwear; The WS PLATFORM SANDALS and RESORT 2O13 COLLECTION

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We are absolutely IN LOVE with the WS Resort ’13 Collection Platform sandal designed by our creative director, Wana Sambo and handcrafted by shoe specialist, Shem Paronelli! It’s fully studded and spiked and extremely comfortable, it’s AWEMAZING!!! As seen in the lookbook, it can be dressed in many different ways!! Most importantly, we want the Wana Sambo Woman to make it her own and dress it up or down in as many ways as she can.



The original idea for this collection was birthed from a daily visit to vintage bars and coffee shops. The collection has pieces you wear out to  grab a coffee, go dancing, basically all things fun, retro, chic and wild. Thigh high slit skirts, party tops and shorts! Its sequins, silk, jersey, chiffon and leather! #WSarmy, Lets have fun!!

WS 01 WS 02 WS 03 WS 04 WS 05 WS 06 WS 06copy WS 07 WS 08 WS 09 WS 09copy WS 10 WS 11 WS 12 back WS 12 WS 12copy WS 13 WS 13copy WS 14 WS 15 WS 16 WS 17 WS 18 WS 19 Our collection was shot by TEMI ADEBAYO PHOTOGRAPHY and FIYIN. It was edited by WANA SAMBO.



Maryanne Alabi, popularly known as Mayreejay is a wardrobe consultant, CEO of her self named company "Maryanne Alabi". Deputy editor for Bloke mag, contributing Fashion editor for Y!Mag. Fierce lover of and everything Glamorous!! Follow me on twitter @mayreejay for fab fashion updates.

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