How To Make Sex More Fun

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How to make sex more fun

Here are sheet-grabbing, bed-shaking, foot-flexing moves men can make their women experience and vice versa.


1. Try it with a wig on- Get ur girlfriend/wife/fiance to wear a wig before you do it. It is like the thrill of dressing up but without the cheesiness. Pick a day of the week or month to do it. Don’t overuse the technique so you can look forward to it and you don’t get bored.

2. Make her the Boss lady- no not Snoop’s wife(LOL, I know) but let her be effortlessly in charge. You can talk about this so she knows how to do it. A little dirty talk before the show would get you guys in the mood. “I’m going to make you hard with my mouth…I’m going to fuck your brains out” are words that would put you on “the way”. No fancy word please. As dirty as they can be is the motto.

3. Playing ball- only this time your balls serves as the football and the bed is the pitch. Having your balls gently sucked rhythmically but slower than she would a penis is an unbeatable blow-job surprise. You can casually drop this during your conversations so she knows how to play the game.

4.Skype Porn- Here is what that means, schedule a skype sex date once a week. You get the titillation of feeling that you’re looking at online porn, only this time it is with the woman you love.


5. Touch harder- Any touch is more arousing if whatever u’re touching, you touch twice as hard the second time. Men need it.

6. Random places- After a date or a night out, pick totally random places to have sex. For instance when you get home, demand oral sex on the sofa in the sitting room, with one of your knees up on the the arm of the sofa. Do you know how sexy that is?

7. Again!- seconds after he “comes” whisper sexily in his ear “again”. As much as he might be tired at that point, that is a sure way to turn him on again.

8. Kill that argument- when you guys are in a heated argument or really angry about something, just tell him “Can we leave this and just fuck?” Thank me later 😉

9. One nasty visit- no, not as an annoying girlfriend. Visit him once a week just to make love. Tell him, “hey I’m here today just for sex” then do just that and leave.



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