How To Love Exercise

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Exercise is not something the average Nigerian is bothered about. We tell ourselves our diet is healthy enough and the walk from our houses to the bus stops, doorstep to the car and racing up and down the stairs is enough exercise the body needs but study has shown that the human body needs more than that. And more importantly, the human body needs exercises more regularly.

Since we don’t like exercises and we really don’t see any reason for it because we don’t love it, here are ways to love exercises and keep our bodies healthy.

1. First Understand endorphins

Endorphins are our bodies’ own painkilling, stress-reducing hormones and they are released in response to physical activity. The reaction is twofold: endorphins bind to another chemical in the body so you don’t feel pain and they send a signal for the body to release dopamine so you feel pleasure. They are the reasons exercise lifts your mood and the reason people keep going even when it is tough.

2. How do you even get that high?

To experience that euphoric endorphin rush, you need strenuous exercise of moderate to high intensity. The thing with endorphin release however is not basically about how long you try. That means it is not how long you go but how hard you go.

3. Find your fitness personality

Know who you are where exercise is concerned. Are u a morning person or an evening person? Would you rather run hand in hand with a partner or is exercise a “Me time” for you. If you are a morning person, a run before work might be it for you but if you are an evening person, who prefers comfort with other people, register in a gym.

4. Schedule your exercise

If you don’t plan it, you might not be able to do it. Plan your exercise ahead of the time you want to do it, so your mind is set on it. And again, do not set an exercise on a morning after a wild night out with the girls.

5. Be Patient

Do not expect to love an exercise straight away. When you start out, whatever you choose will feel hard. So, give it a chance, take your time, take things slowly rather than rushing it and risking injury or burnout.

6. Just do 10 minutes

It’s raining, you have house chores waiting for you, you have to get to the salon, and you haven’t seen your boyfriend in days/weeks. All these are excuses that can wait at least ten minutes. Tell yourself, that regardless of the situation you can spare ten minutes. Chances are once you start, you’ll end up doing more.

7. Make exercise intrinsic

Do not exercise only because you want a firmer butt, or a flatter stomach or toned abs. Exercise to feel good, to stay healthy and also because you love it. Because if you pick a specific reason, once it doesn’t work out as soon as you expect, you might be greatly disappointed and worse, feel depressed.



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