How About A Bit of Role Play?

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Sex gets boring. Relationships lose their spark but there are certainly ways you can work on the sex and your relationship all by yourself. Check out the following ideas of roleplay.

Be Cinderella or any other cute, innocent looking fairy tale princess you know about. Imagine he is the prince charming, coming to save you from the evil queen and enjoy the whole “saving” to the seduction.

Watch an erotic movie or a movie with lots of steamy sex scenes and be the female lead(assuming that’s the one having the most sex in the movie). Try and act out that person and see how fun and steamy it can be!

How about Role playing long distance? Yes, just as you read it. Even if you live just a few blocks away, or you have just been away from your husband for a few days to be back soon, how about you imagine you are in a long distance relationship and skype sex? It keeps it all fun and makes your partner long for and want more.

Get wild and nawty, be rough while at it. Act like its just rough sex and it doesn’t have to be on your bed. Go at it like wild animals that have just been unleashed and make it rough, wild and passionate, after all its just role playing yeah?

Be his superwoman and rescue him, then serve him hot steamy sex. What man wouldn’t want to be rescued that way? Find a sexy and cute wonderwoman costume and then get into character by being in charge. This works like magic!



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