Get Familiar: Mc Spinosky | You Have Been Used Ft Brandiny

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The crazily abstract, trending comedian is back at it yet again! Exactly one month after laughing Malaria out of 2012 with the Malaria Diss Song ‘Abide W’T Me’, MC SPINOSKY has joined Forces with Rock n Roll Prince BRANDINY {Dancer, Dance Instructor, Musician, TV host and Entertainer} in this hot new song YOU’VE BEEN USED. It is a Comic Musical Masterpiece that will let you ponder, especially as it comes in two unique and distinct flavours. For the first time since as far back as anyone would care to think, MC Spinosky releases another surprise to the world as YOU’VE BEEN USED comes in two versions; the Akwa-Cross flavour, and Hausa flavour. Their only plea is for you to download the jam, listen and learn a new way to play on the intelligence/dullness of your friends and enemies… Please forgive them, for they know what they are doing!

T: @mcspinosky & @BrandinyX

YOUV BIN USED – Spinosky




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