Former GUS Last Girl Standing Makes Nollywood Debut

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Former contestant in the Gulder Ultimate Search, Lynda Clems, takes her first shot at Nollywood with her debut movie.

Remember Lynda Clems? Yes, the ‘Last Girl Standing’ in the Gulder Ultimate Search 2006. You may not have read much about her since she romanced stardom then. The fact is that she is one of those ladies who are rather weary of the media.

But for now, she can no more hide, especially if she is very desirous of becoming the proverbial gold fish in the entertainment industry. Since 2006 she has been doing ‘her things’ practising interior decoration – her primary occupation – while also taking part in some movies.

Currently, Clems is in Abuja, the Federal Capital, where she is shooting her debut movie titled The Reunion. She has with her seasoned and emerging actors that include Jibola Dabur. Produced by Sapphire Global Productions and directed by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi, the movie is the story about a young man enveloped with the determination to inherit his father’s empire at no cost spared.

Clem says, “The Reunion is a family story. It is a contemporary story, a romance while it is also funny in some parts. It is a dramatic illustration of the various intricacies, politics, and maneuvering embedded in our family institutions.”

While the story emanated from Clem’s faculty, it was scripted by Emeka Obasi. Scheduled to hit the cinema soon, it also parades John Dumelo, Chelsea Eze, Chinyere Nwabueze and Clems herself.

On why she chose Abuja and its environs the actress says it exudes the aura and facilities that suit the story. Being in the city, however, also means having to pay more, according to her.

“It is more expensive to shoot here. We have had to pay more for accommodation and other things. This means a higher budget but we believe that what matters most is getting the best for the film.”

Asked what the budget outlook is, she shrinks dramatically. “Are you serious?” Clem asks, seemingly surprised that one is asking her how much she is spending on The Reunion. When she recovers from the ‘shock’, she notes, “I can’t tell you that now. Not until we finish the job.”

Clems stylishly forestalls the urge to ask her a few personal questions when she adds that all she wants to talk about and get published is the movie. Well, one can only hope that she will always have her way in this regard.

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