Flight 606 …Part 14

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Oyinade, let me first apologize for the way I treated you earlier. I meant to call you back, I really meant to. I’ve thought about you every day since New York…

So why didn’t you call? Oyin interrupted?

I didn’t have your cellphone, and I didn’t want to take the risk of calling you with my office phone. Oyin, I want you to be more permanent in my life. I want to wake up to the smell of your hair, and your legs curled around me, I want-

You want me to be your fuck buddy?

No, not at all Oyin! I want you to be my girlfriend, if you’ll have me?

Oyin could no longer hide the smile that was forming on her face, and soon she burst into laughter. The deep throaty, throw your head back kinda laughter. Femi let her laugh, even though it made him a tad uncomfortable. When she was done, he met her gaze and calmly spoke “did I say anything funny?”

“No, not at all,” she responded, “it’s just that…wait, how do I say this? Do people still ask nowadays?” Before she dissolved into fits of laughter.


“Awww, did I hurt your ego boo-boo?”

“No”, “not at all”

“Too bad, because I was thinking we could fix that at my place” Oyinade replied coyly

“I see someone has a smart mouth”

That was one thing Femi liked about her. Once Oyin settled in to someone and became relaxed, her personality came alive. Not only was her mouth kissable, she had a smart mouth too. Oyin was one of the few girls he had met that matched him toe for toe. In no time, they had run through dinner, and he had managed to convince her that having dessert was not going to ruin her waist line.

Once the plates were cleared, “how about we toast to this?’ Femi said “to the beginning of a wonderful journey”

They clicked glasses. He didn’t want the day to end. “You know why I picked this restaurant?” Femi asked. “There’s something I want to show you”.

Femi signaled to the waiter, who came and got the bottle of wine from their table, as Femi led Oyin through the back door of the restaurant towards the waterfront. They could see the city lights

“it’s so beautiful outside here”

“Is this where you bring them?” Oyinade asked, trying to sound flippant – and failing miserably at it.

“No…” Femi started, and after a while continued, “I come here when I need to think, to make a tough decision. I like the serenity, it helps me think clearly”

They stood at the waterfront and watched the waves, sipping their wine in silence, until Oyin broke the silence. “We need to get going”

“Of course”

The ride back to Oyinade’s place was quite uneventful. They rode in silence till Oyin placed her hand over Femi’s on the gear box. There was no need for words as they both just drunk in each other’s presence.

Just as they pulled up in front of Oyin’s house, she tightened her grip on his hand

“What’s wrong baby?”


One look at her and he could see her eyes brimming with unasked questions.

“First of all, nobody has to know. We don’t even work on the same team. “

“I know” Oyin interrupted, “I don’t want people thinking you’re giving me preferential treatment because I’m your – you know..”

“Girlfriend!” “Say it Oyin, girlfriend, you’re mine”

“Girlfriend -possessive, are we?” Oyin quipped “but seriously though, ever since the pay raise tongues have been wagging…”

“But you asked for it, and got it” Femi interjected, “whatever my baby wants, my baby gets”

“I wasn’t your baby -yet! And I only asked for it to give you an excuse not to hire me”

“Well, look how well that worked out!” Femi chuckled.

He stopped the car at the front of her apartment, and came to the other side to get her door. As soon as she stepped out, he reached out and pulled her into his embrace.

“I would love to come upstairs and peel this god-forsaken dress off your delicious body, but I fear I’ve kept you out too late when there’s work in the morning.”

“Too bad, because I was going to volunteer to fix your ego that took a hit earlier tonight at the restaurant”

“Don’t tempt me woman!” Femi snarled, shifting a bit to let her feel the hardness between his legs.

“Oh wow! I better be on my way then”

Femi dropped a kiss on her forehead, still chuckling “goodnight sweetie”

Oyin removed her hands that had earlier on been snaked around his neck, and pulled his head closer to plant a kiss on his lips. Femi needed no invitation to deepen the kiss.  They must have kissed forever before Femi broke the kiss. Kissing her was more potent than red wine.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” he called out before making his way back to the car. He made sure she was safely inside her building before driving off.

Femi was all smiles as he made the fifteen minute drive home. Tonight went better than expected. It was painful leaving her without fulfilling his carnal desires, but the mature part of his brain (which he was beginning to hate) assured him he made the right move. Afterall, his father was right, a kii kanju la obe gbona (one does not make haste to consume hot soup). Moreover like he always said eni ti won n gbe iyawo bo wa ba, kii garun wo. A cold shower would fix his immediate problems, he thought as he made to open his door.

He stopped in his tracks, as something seemed odd. The light was on in his apartment, and he remembered distinctively that he turned it off before he left. He never left his lights on. For a split second, he contemplated calling 911, but he thought the better if it. The door was not broken, whoever was in his house had keys. Cautiously he walked in, seeing nobody in the living room; he checked the guest bathroom and kitchen, before tiptoeing upstairs.

There she was in his room, her back towards him. She didnt have to turn towards him to know who it was.

“Erica, what are you doing in my room?” He snarled.

“Oh, you’re back. Thanks for keeping me waiting” her eyes swept down at him “a dinner date I presume, who’s the unlucky victim?”

“Answer my question, how did you get inside my house, I collected my keys from you”, in a few steps he had covered the distance between them

“I had an extra copy” she replied, trying to sound flippant.

“What are you doing here?”

“I thought I should deliver the news to you myself, in person – I’m pregnant” she said, effectively stopping him in his tracks.



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