Flight 606 …Part 13

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The thought of dinner with Femi was what kept me going through the day. Inasmuch as I was pissed at him for not calling, I was also giddy with excitement at the thought of seeing him again. This time with no work/ business in the middle.

Thursday evening finally rolled by, and I did my best to clear my table beforehand. akin must have noticed because he had me rewrite two briefs twice, but I still had my final draft on his table by 4:00pm – without any errors. Definitely, he noticed the extra pep in my step, but I could not be bothered.

I made sure to get home early, and I immediately began to prepare for dinner. Even after rummaging through my closet for three days straight, I still could not decide on which dress to wear. Femi had not indicated what type of dinner it was so I had no clue on how to dress. I tossed aside the black sequin dress, the neckline was too low. Even though FEMI had seen what was underneath, I didn’t want him thinking I was trying to seduce him all over again.

My blue dress joined the growing pile of discarded close on the bed until I found it. Tucked at the back of my closet was my red short dress. Red lace with a tan background, it gave the illusion that I was wearing just the lace. The long sleeves and the high neckline balanced out the length of the dress, as it stopped a little higher than my knees.

I picked out a statement pearl necklace and finished off with stud pearl earrings. I stood in front of my full length mirror to survey my choice. Before I could decide that the dress was too short, I moved on to the bathroom to complete my makeup. Thank God for Toke who always insisted that I practice the smoky eyed look on her, I was able to pull it off. I slipped into my gold Christian Dior heels. Went back to my mirror to survey my final handiwork and at that innocuous time, with Alicia keys’ “Girl on fire” blasting through the speakers of my iPod, I decided I was good to go. The chime of the doorbell almost startled me, as I glanced at the clock 7:00pm. That must be Femi, a man who kept to time.I had made up my mind to enjoy this date regardless of whatever happened.

After lunch, I was done for the day, actually I lie. I had found it difficult to concentrate on work after my lunch break. I cleared my table and I was finally tired of pacing my office. I cleared my table and after giving final instructions to “Monica”, I left the office.
This left me with a couple of minutes to spare, and I decided to get some flowers for Oyinkansola.

Oyinkansola…. I loved the way her name rolled off my tongue. She intrigued me. There was something different about her, special even. I felt compelled to explore. That first night, she was all demure giving her all to me, and the next morning she was all feisty, seductive. I hadn’t been able to get thoughts of her out of my head.

I had reached for roses, and at the very last minute I decided to get her daffodils instead. Oyinkamsola was not like the other girls. I was at her door at 6:30pm, but so as not to look too eager, I waited in my car for about 20 minutes, before making my way to her apartment.

She lived in one of the high rise condos in downtown Atlanta, was impressed. The butler let me in, and at 7:00pm prompt, I was ringing her doorbell. To say she blew me away when she opened the door was an understatement. I mean, Oyinkansola was a breathtaking beauty, but I had never seen her look so…l.

Her lace green dress fell over her curves, not too loosely as to make it look… And not too tight that it looked trashy. It fell just above her knees to expose legs that seemed to go on forever.



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  1. Thank you…….but i hope we wont wait till Easter before the next episode, More so, this is short. nice write up anyways. i hope next episode wont start and end with their trip to the restaurant.

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