First Bank Introduces ‘The Premium Lounge’ – The First of Its Kind In Nigeria

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Have you dreamt of walking into a bank and being treated like the  Sultan of Brunei? Your forms are filled on your behalf. You sit on a soft, leather sofa and served with cappuccino, espresso or any beverage of your choice. You can watch your favorite programs while your transactions are being processed. Your have free access to a Wi-Fi hotspot where you can quickly pay some of your bills online and reimburse your mobile wallet. First Bank Plc makes that dream a reality with The Premium Lounge

The Premium Lounge is a specialized service for affluent customers of First Bank Plc. It is designed to provide comfort, security, luxury, and other amenities towards the well-being of the customer. The Premium Lounge is located in a specially designed section of the branch which will include a large seating area with leather sofas, refreshments, private meeting room/office for the customer to discuss personal business with the relationship teams without interruption.


The service is, however available by invitation only. It is for customers who have a pre-qualified turnover with the bank.  Invited customers will be issued the Premium Card with which they can gain access to the Lounge.

Customers who have access to The Premium Lounge can enjoy imperial treatment such as a designated officer who would be available to answer queries, resolve complaints  and provide feedback within a shorter turn-around time. They would also be given priority in branch cash deposits and withdrawals, instant issuance of ATM cards, provision of account statements as well as other value-added services provided by the bank.

According to Mr. Tunde Owolabi, The group head for retail banking, Lagos Island there are currently six of such Lounges in Nigeria. There are three in Lagos and three in Abuja. These lounges are comparable to those found in international banks such as Barclays and HSBC. It is expected that by June 2013, more would have been opened over 31 locations in Nigeria to cater to all customers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and other major cities.

Reacting to the initiative, Mr. Kehinde Sote said he was glad that the service was introduced. In his words

I don’t like filling forms and I get everything sorted out here. I usually go to another branch but this Lounge makes it more convenient for me so I’d rather come here. I don’t like stress.

Another customer, Mr. Kalu Etia, a supply chain professional stated that he received personalized service and he enjoys the royal treatment he’s being given. “In fact, I have become a regular face here” He said.

The Premium Lounge has been in existence since September 2012 but will be officially launched next week. Beyond the ease,  speed and comfort of private banking, The Premium Lounge gives you the avenue to have a deeper relationship with First Bank while enjoying immense gains such as business advisory and partnership. Success has its benefits.

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