Faaji Things: Gambia To Have Only Four Working Days A Week

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Gambia now operate a four-day working week for public workers, making friday a day of rest in other to allow citizens in the country have more time for agriculture and prayer.

This was a decree made my Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, The decision would take effect from February 1, he said the decision to have a four-day working week was as a result of the demand from the general public.

Although the working hours from Monday to Thursdays would be from 8 a.m to 6 p.m, this new public sector is rather new to the West African region of Africa.

“This new arrangement will allow Gambians to devote more time to prayers, social activities and agriculture – going back to the land to grow what we eat and eat what we grow for a healthy and wealthy nation,” the presidential statement said.

Though it has a secular state, Gambia’s population is overwhelmingly Muslim. Jammeh seized power in the popular European tourist destination in a bloodless military coup in 1994.

One of Africa’s more controversial rulers, Jammeh said in 2007 he had found a remedy of boiled herbs to cure AIDS, stirring anger among Western medical experts who claimed he was giving false hope to the sick.

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