Do Not Set That P!

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Some of us think it is okay to set just that one P outside our relationship just because we like the racy, exciting feeling it gives to steal from the honeypot once. But who says it might be once?
That the experience might not be more exciting and you would want a one more time? That worse, your partner won’t find out?

Cheating has been called several names over the years to lessen the gravity of the act, but this has not exactly changed the act itself, only the name has been changed. Most people believe that the worst thing cheating can do to a relationship is break up/divorce/separation but that is wrong. The worst thing cheating does to the relationship is to give the wronged party an emotional scar for life. Now don’t we want to think about that P twice or maybe five times before we set it?

Here are ways to avoid that dangerous P


Whether you guys are married, engaged or just dating, there is a reason you are together and that reason involves feelings and mutual respect. When you cheat, these two things are terribly affected, your partner’s feelings are bruised and he/she loses all the respect that must have been built over the period of time you both have been together. You also stand the chance of being hated for life and research have shown some partners even get violent as a result of this.

How about you think of that person you truly love and care about before getting down with that hot male or sexy female?


let’s face it, Konji is a bastard, at least that’s what most guys say. But have you given a thought to that fantastic relationship you have going? Have you given a thought to the time, energy, money and stress you must have invested in it? Are you willing to let it all go away because of one urge? If yes, then end the relationship before you get nutty under the sheets with someone else. It is only fair and brave that you do that. If no, then think again and do not let that urge ruin what you cherish so much.


Yes like Joseph did in the old testament when his boss’ sexy wife came on to him. if you realize the temptation to set the P is always around you, find a way to reduce that. If you go out of your way to be there for this person, stop it. Shun anything that can fuel your desire for this person that is not your official partner. Remember it is just lust not love.


Remember the days when he/she was the only one you had eyes for? When even your celeb crush could walk past and you wouldn’t even notice because you got him/her? When nothing else mattered when he/she was around? now come to the present, think of what this new person is doing to you that seems to be drawing you closer, the company? The promise of better sex?
Maybe even the food? Or more laughter? Look through all these things and talk about it with your partner. Remember, it is easier and better to work it out with the old than start from the scratch with the new.


No, not the syringe and needle coming into your body, but the approach. Think of new things, fresh ideas, things that will make your relationship spark again and talk it through with your lover. Inject new ideas, better sex secrets, buy fifty shades of grey if you have to and do all you can to make things work again. If you love him/her then go all the way rather than getting down with someone who you might really not feel something for anyway.



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