Dhamani’s Mused Minds: Bloody Meals II

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“And you saw your father hit your mother?” The cross examiner asked.
“I did. I saw him smash her head four times on the wall” Demi replied.
“Is this what you’ve been telling yourself or is this….” The cross examiner started.
“Objection, My Lord! That is a leading question” Demi’s Lawyer yelled.
“Objection overruled” The Judge interjected.
“… What you’ve been telling everyone?” The cross examiner continued.
“It’s true.” Demi replied soberly.
“What makes it true?” The cross examiner asked.
“It’s all I know, It has to be true” Demi replied, looking away from everyone.

“Your Honor, Can I bring it to the humble remembrance of this court that at age twelve, five years after the death of Mrs Folashade Coker, Demi was medically certified unfit?” The defendant’s lawyer started.
“She had been hallucinating and really thinking up terrible things. At the time her father could not afford the hospital bills. Hence, the only reason Miss Demilade isn’t in a psychiatric ward.” The lawyer added a bit sarcastic

“But I’m not crazy” Demi added quietly as if to conclude the defendant’s statement.
“How then is it that you remember this one incident, correctly too?” He asked, now staring at Demi.

“Can I also inform the court that the autopsy for the Coker family’s dog is out? To everyone’s surprise but not mine, that dog died because someone had smashed intentionally and violently, the head of that animal four times! Perhaps Miss Demi Coker does not intend to blame my client as forensic evidence have been found on the golf club that was used in killing the animal” The lawyer paused.

“Moreover, my client was kilometers away, at work to be precise.” He stated.
“Your Honor, exhibit A.”

Demi stood in her box, sweating profusely and shaking all over.

“Miss Demilade don’t you wish to counter all I’ve said if they aren’t true?”
“I did it” Demi started.

The court gave a quiet cry.

“Demilade! Do you realize you are about to make a confession?” Her lawyer interjected.
“Yes, I do” She replied with tears streaming down her face.
“What do you mean by you did it?” Her Lawyer asked
“I killed my mother” Demi started
“How did you…” Her Lawyer tried to ask

“I told her many times I didn’t like rice for dinner. She kept giving it to me”

“And the best way to have dealt with that was by… murder?” Her lawyer asked.
“They told me to do it, they said it was time” Demi replied, more frightened than sober.
“Who said?” Her lawyer asked again
“Them! Look at them! They want to hit me! Take cover! Can’t you see them?”
“Can’t I see who?”
“I don’t want the food! Take it away! Don’t make me hit you! Take it away!” Demi started to yell.




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