Court Sentences Man To Prison Till Rapture Occurs

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An Iranian judge yesterday sentenced a 24-year-old man to 1 million years imprisonment for possession of child pornography.

Mohammed Kenare was sentenced Wednesday morning by a local judge who in his ruling held that possession of child pornography (video) is an act that could only be committed by a despicable and satanic person and that he (Kenare) should be locked up “for as much years as the devil should be locked up”.

The move was seen as a lenient move by some international political analysts who said the sentencing (which logically means life) is a lesser one compared to the maximum death penalty such an offense would have carried at any Iranian upper court.

Mahmud Zakari, a clerk of the court told local radio that although the sentencing could be appealed, it is unlikely Kenare’s lawyers will file for one.

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