Chris Brown/Frank Ocean Brawl: Karrueche Stands By Her Man, Brown May Face Hate Crime Charges

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Chris Brown may be facing time in prison after his fight with Frank Ocean and twitter-jail as well. The rumors of the fight seem to be sketchy, and bad boy Brown may have tried to resolve the incident before screaming “F*ck y’all gay a** n***as.” His former girlfriend Karrueche Tran defended Brown by tweeting “don’t be so quick to assume.”

A source told, “Frank started it, Chris was cool, he pulled Frank to the side and was like ‘Yo we don’t need to beef,’ but Frank said ‘Yo, you in my parking spot.'” The source added, “They got into it so Frank’s boy tried to punch Chris outta nowhere so Chris’ boy Hood came and started punching him. They jumped Frank. Chris was punching him and everything moving ni**as away and getting hits in. He stopped because he thought they f***ed up Frank enough but Frank still was trying to get hits in so they f***ed him up again. They were tossing tables and isht, on some bully isht. There was blood everywhere though.”

In pervious reports, the fight was allegedly over Frank Ocean calling Rihanna a “Hoe.” Now Brown may be facing charges against him again. Because of Brown’s previous hateful twitter comments, which could be motivation for a hate crime charge. If not prosecuted, a civil lawsuit could be filed.

Tweeters wasted no time to respond about the altercation to attack Chris Brown, and they might recant their statements after they read this. Here are some tweets from before:

‏@RealKBD – “Chris Brown fought Rihanna(girl) ✔ Chris Brown fought Drake (girl) ✔ Chris Brown fought Frank (girl) ✔ I guess he only fights girls”

Another tweeter said, “After fighting a chick, a Degrassi kid, and a gay, Chris Brown sets his sights on Chris Bosh”

‏@SigaMike- “Chris Brown Always Fighting Someone, But Then Sings A Song About Not Judging Him”

 ‏@TheNardvark -“I think it’s great that men are finally being allowed into combat withChris Brown.”

 ‏@allisonkilkenny– “I will always <3 @frank_ocean for calling Chris Brown ‘Ike Turner'”

 ‏@GerryDuggan -“Everywhere Chris Brown goes there’s a punchline. No, seriously – there’s a line to punch him.”

 ‏@theleanover -“Probably time for Chris Brown to get to the Amy Winehouse part of his career.”

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