Bully: Rihanna Shows Up Unexpectedly At Karrueche’s Party To Intimidate Her

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Rihanna and Karrueche Tran almost had an altercation during a party over Chris Brown Thursday night.

Both of Brown’s exs attended a party in Los Angeles at club Playhouse when Rihanna made a surprise appearance after getting word that Tran would be there, and reportedly confronted the model.

Tran was celebrating her “Rolling Out” magazine cover with close friends and industry representatives when Rihanna showed up, walked into VIP, and sat directly across from Tran. “It was really TACKY for Rihanna to show up, but I guess she wanted to do something,” A source told Mediatakeout.com. Prior to the incident Rihanna waited about 5 minutes before actually saying anything to Tran, “Rihanna didn’t yell or act belligerent or anything, she just said, ‘So you wanna TURN UP rice cakes,” the source revealed. “We were all stunned that Rihanna was so bold. Karrueche just turned away and tried to ignore her. Rihanna’s friend [Melissa] was just there laughing.”

Brown was nowhere near the party when the confrontation happened, but apparently, no blows were exchanged and Rihanna just walked away.

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