As A Sure Boy: Justin Bieber Cops A Feel While Taking Photograph With Fan (PHOTO)

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J Biebs was caught pushing boundaries, letting go of that “good boy” image.

Just earlier Justin was seen groping a fan’s breast during meet and greet session in Miami! He takes his hand and cups it under the breast, holding a handful! He might be single now, but should he be kissing the girl’s cheek while cupping her left breast?! As he holds it, he’s seen with a big smile on his face. Nasty! Oh, and the girl? She didn’t seem to mind at ALL either! She’s the opposite of upset or shocked, she’s also smiling, comfortable — taking in the moment! Oh Justin, only 18-years-old and you swear you grown!!! LOL! See the photo below and let us know if you think it’s a little too much or inappropriate!

Justin bieber & fan




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