10 signs to know that your relationship might be heading for the rocks

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How do you know your relationship is heading for the rocks? It’s hard to tell because every tension seems to want to lead to a break up. Often times people capitalize on current rifts to make conclusions on whether they want out of a relationship or if they may continue. If you discover most of these signs in your relationship, you have to act fast and decide on whether you want to save it or break it.

1. Communication is usually tensed and ends in a heated argument. Sometimes there’s a lot to say but no one is willing to say anything. Silence is usually like the best cloth to wear when you are around each other.

2. Time becomes a constraint. One party is either too busy for the other or is unwilling to spare or sacrifice for the other. When time is spent to help, it is done grudgingly.

3. Phone calls and emails become one-sided. Someone does it all the time. You keep in touch more than the other. He/she is making negligible attempts to keep in contact. Anyone who loves or values you will find ways to talk to you, even if it’s just a text message.

4. Going out? Nah… bad idea. He or she would rather not be around you. So many excuses for not wanting to go to a certain place with you. Your partner is probably trying to unhinge himself or herself and going out together has a way of making the public feel “you guys are great together”

5. Someone lies too much. Haha expect it. It is normal for one person to try and conceal so many things from the other when he or she feels discontent in the relationship. You only open your heart to people you really care for or trust and vice versa.

6. When you get lied to several times, there is a probability that the liar doesn’t trust the person being lied to. For instance if I cheat on you, I would expect that you cheat on me too or you had tendencies of doing the same. A situation whereby the trust becomes eroded and almost invincible means that the relationship may be about to hit the rocks.

7. The friends and family don’t connect with you like before. The truth is that before your relationship crashes, your spouse has talked about it to his closest friends or siblings. While some might be good enough to act like nothing happens, others will not hesitate to show their dismay.

8. Meet my friend. This becomes like the favorite line when you are introduced. What happened to the days of “meet my super-duper-teeny-weeny-honey-butterscotch-chocolatey pie”. It’s now nothing more than a bland expression and a gesticulation followed by the words “my friend”.

9. Kissing? Hugging? Hah! They may still be there but not from the heart. Although you most likely than not would encounter withdrawal when you try to make moves. There’s nothing wrong if you both of you don’t show intimacy by kissing and the likes. However, if a normal display of affection becomes abnormal, a lot is wrong.

10. Someone gets agitated because the other party is fiddling with his or her phone. You playfully pick up his or her phone and notice some discomfort, then your partner might be hiding something that you shouldn’t know about. Someone might be having a sidekick or you may be one. It’s still too early to conclude.


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