Woman Faints After Consuming Vaginal Muscle Tightener

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A Business at Basch Street bus terminus in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, reportedly came to a standstill on Tuesday afternoon when an unidentified woman went into a fit and striped unclad after she consumed a suspected herbal concoction believed to tighten váginal muscles.

After drinking the herbal concoction, the woman is alleged to have sweated profusely before she fainted and was taken to a local hospital by some Good Samaritans. It is reported that a small satchel with powdered herbs inscribed ‘váginal tightening’ and a small bottle of water was found inside her purse.

The incident came hard on the heels of reports that there are some elderly women who make brisk business by selling love potions which include baboon urine, overtaker and mupfuhwira (zwana mina) inside the toilets. They claimed that they conducted their businesses inside the toilets because men should never see those concoctions, otherwise they would never see the light of the day.

According to witnesses who spoke to our news crew, the woman, who paid a high price for desire to enhance her s*xual experience, bought the herbs from one of the women who sell love potions inside the toilet at the terminus.

“On Tuesday we witnessed free drama when a woman in her mid 20s who seemed to have been possessed was heavily sweating before she stri*ped her clothes and immediately fainted. This was after she had consumed a herbal concoction she bought from an elderly woman who sells both love potions and some ‘virginity’ herbs. From the look of the things, it seems she failed to follow instructions prescribed by the herbalist,” said a kombi driver who identified himself as Never.

Ms Anna Mpofu, a vendor concurred with Never saying the woman failed to follow the instructions as she was supposed to drink the concoction after having a ‘strong’ meal.

“It’s not a secret that women are buying these herbs to tighten and dry their váginas since their husbands or boyfriends consider anything else a sign of infidelity. It is unfortunate that this woman failed to follow instructions as the concoction is supposed to be consumed after eating strong foodstuffs like sadza. The woman got more than what she had bargained for in her bid to tighten her organ by drying up the lining so that there will be greater friction as a way of enhancing her s*xual pleasure.,” said the vendor.

A ‘hwindi’ at the same rank, Dennis Maseko said: “This incident will be a wake up call to other women who are also in the habit of using these herbs as a way of spicing up their s*xual life and the need to turn themselves into virgins once more.”

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