The Wanted to One Direction: If You Want A Physical Fight, We Are Ready

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The long-time feud between boy-bands The Wanted and One Direction is about to be stepped up a notch after The Wanted’s Max George told One Direction that “If they want a problem, they should come to New York”.

“It started off as plain fun I think and then I think one of them started getting a bit arsey and started getting a bit serious,” Max told MTV of the feud. “Which we tried to play off still as a joke but then it carried on so we just put it out there, ‘If you got an actual problem come see us in New York.’ But I’m not sure they will, I think people have been in contact saying if we go near them we can have our Visas taken off of us and all this shit.”

When bandmate Nathan Sykes added, “And get arrested, apparently,” Max concluded with, “Well we don’t care. It’s nothing we haven’t done before so we’ll see.”

Both bands will be in New York City on Friday, Dec. 7 to perform at the annual Z100 Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden. We hope that they can be professional and avoid any altercations.



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