The Secrets of Great Sex

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You wanna know the secrets of great sex? Find out here and now.

Be a total amateur

Being cool in the bedroom is boring. You cannot afford to be a know it all. I mean let’s face it, if we knew it all why would we bother to still try to enjoy it? Why not just buy dildos or stick the dick into any tight hole? Exploring and trying new things is the best way to great sex.


Some people endure sex. This happens because of numerous reasons which ranges from fear of hurting their partners to ruining the whole act. Let’s face it though, the sex would be endured and not enjoyed if communication does not happen at all. Gently discuss and give your partner instructions when the time is right. An “Honey why don’t you touch it this way”. Or “Yeah you’re doing it right” helps a great deal.

Enjoy, don’t perform

It is not a show or an event or wherever people go to impress their partners at all cost. So when in between the sheets, relax your mind, go all out to enjoy it and you are on your way to a great sex life.

Do not expect the world

Hopes are easily dashed. Sexual hopes are probably more heartwrenching when they turn out the opposite of what has been highly anticipated. Do not expect the world from your partner. Go in “blindly”. Take it as it comes.

Self acceptance

Be comfortable in your own skin. Nothing beats that. When you keep thinking of how big your stomach is or how hairy your legs are during sex, you would be keeping your mind where it shouldn’t be.

Get Naughty

Role plays, spanking, touching yourself while the man watches sets the mood and gets you both excited. It also leads to an amazing sexual experience you would both enjoy.

Do Risky

Yes, go out of your way to do the risky things where sex is concerned. Most people get into a routine in their sex lives. They get in the bedroom, on a well laid bed, do missionary styles and that’s that. And this goes on forever. How about quickie? Coming into your man’s office that he works in alone and giving him the fuck of his life? Kitchen counters? The car after a movie? A friend’s bathroom during a house party? Come on, even you would agree life would be different after trying these various styles!

Keep it hot

Mix up the act. Yes, the ripping off the clothes style isn’t bad, but at the same time setting the mood with some nice R ‘n’ B music while you lick the ice off her body or the ice cream off her Veejayjay might not be a bad idea as well. Making sweet slow love while Usher does his thing from the sound system, good idea No?


Nothing turns you on the most and everytime like the one person you love. That cannot be replaced and as much as we’d agree that one night stands would be hot and great, it is only a night. The one turn on you can always have is the woman/man you love. It is the real thing. The Ultimate thing.



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